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Pixar's RenderMan "Rustic Cabin" Art Challenge

I participated in Pixar's latest RenderMan Challenge. Each challenger was supplied this scene, and we were to light, surface, and compose a compelling shot and narrative. It was such a fantastic experience working along with the RenderMan team and fellow artists.

Model by Taylor Schultz and Alyssa Minko @ Disney / Pixar - RenderMan "Rustic Cabin" Art Challenge

Logan erdner final
Logan erdner closeup 00000

A detail show of the chair and sewing supplies. The chair was done in substance, and everything else was textured with procedurals inside of RenderMan

Logan erdner lightgroups

A breakdown of my lighting

Logan erdner gray

A gray render plus raw lighting

Logan erdner propsheet 01

Prop sheet 1

Logan erdner propsheet 02

Prop sheet 2

Logan erdner propsheet 04

Prop sheet 3