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Detective Series Props 1/2

I started working from Friedemann Allmenroeder's Detective Series designs, trying to capture the original charm while adding my own decisions to make each prop a strong 3D object. This is a dump of images from the first round of props. There is a variety of WIPS, look dev renders, and renders testing how the objects relate to one another when placed side by side.

Thank you to Friedemann for allowing me to use these wonderful designs, here is a link to the original post:

Also, I'm using a look dev kit developed by Dusan Kovic. It's a great tool for testing different lighting situations quickly. Check it out here:

Thanks for stopping by!

Logan erdner prop sheet front 01

3D Prop Sheet

Logan erdner prop sheet back 01

3d Prop Sheet

Logan erdner prop sheet ref 01

Original prop designs by Friedemann Allmenroeder